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Pollution and its outcome

Pollution and its consequences are a wide field. For me it is visible not only on the North Pole were animals are obliged to leave its normal habitat like the polar bear but also the animals living in the water are facing many problems.

Polar bear:
It has been watched by people living in the North of Canada, in Alaska and the south of Greenland that these animals have started to move to the south. A few of them have already changed a part of its normal food from seals to plants and fruits. This is due to the fact that the ice is coming later and disapears earlier than in the past. Further it has also been watched that grizzlys and polar bear mixed and there are ice bear kids where this is visible.
Normally, we know that such mixtures are not used to be in animals life.

Ruthless exploitation on nature, Humans, animals and plants
Everywhere in the world we may watch the changes caused direct or indirect by the pollution,
But there is also the subject of deforesting big areas for reasons of cultivating, building streets and ... This has a great negative influence to all animals, plants but also the climatic situation is involved.
Very often the results are desertification due to the drying out of the soil. Plants become extinct and are lost perhaps for ever. Animals migrate to other regions and are lost too. Our earth evolution is telling us such stories in many parts of the world.
I am asking myself what's the use anyhow?
People who were living in such regions respecting the nature's laws are facing many problems to survive. They are loosing their lifelihood and have to leave their home regions for an uncertain future. They are deracinated and can loose their identity. As these poor people have not learned to live in the "modern" world they are condemned to vegetate somehow and drogs or/and alcoholics are their new sense of life.
The outcome are violance, sicknesses and wars.

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