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Kenya - Poverty - Education

Poverty in Kenya  - and its consequences - poor or bad education

My intention of travelling to Kenya had two differnt goals:

- First I wanted to check whether the climatic situation would be suitable to me and it was.
- The 2nd important wish was to see the real life of very normal people there.

I could realize this wish and I have seen the whole extent of poverty when I went to aereas where people have never seen white people. They were very friendly and their envirement was very green. The most touching was the way how they are living. I have seen two walls in direction to the Indian Ocean protecting them from strong wind. But there was no roof on these two walls. In the corners I could see some calashes for water and a few very old blankets thin like paper.

Normally I took many photos but I was unable to take pictures there. I felt shame that people have to live in this way. I knew already poverty from Russia. On the faces of the people in Russia you could see the poverty but in Kenya people did not show.

I have been discussing with several Kenyans who themselves are poor and even very poor as they do not have a job and they never know how to take care of their families. Many men are living far from their families in great cities hoping to find a job. Very often they do not. The reasons are multiple but the main reason is a poor or very bad education. I wanted to know more details. They told me that the primery classes are free but from the secondary onwards they have to pay for the school as well as for the school complete dress and books ... Without job no money, no extented school education!
In the hotel where I have been during my stay in Kenya I could meet a lady from Switzerland who is coming to Kenya every year for many weeks. She is teacher and is responsable for teaching adult persons in aerea of Mombasa. She is working for a social network located in Switzerland. We were talking and I told her that I am interested to cooperation with her if I can return to Kenya for residence. These are my plans for the future. It will be a great challange as never in my life I have been teaching either children nor adult persons. My advantage in this matter is that I have started to learn the 2nd official language in Kenya: Kiswahili. I can understand, talk and write this language very good already and I want to support this lady with these knowlegdes.

Of course there are some social networks working in Kenya but as everything is a matter of financial recourses the activities are limited only to a few aereas in Kenya.

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